What can child support pay for?

Following a divorce in which one parent is granted custody of a child or children, it is not uncommon for the custodial parent to also be granted child support. A custodial parent may be put in a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to working, as much time will be devoted to taking care of the children and to assure that they are properly nurtured. But having a child is the responsibility of both parents.

When many people think of child support, they think of the basic necessities such as clothing, shelter and food. But the reality is that child support payments can be used for many other things to help with the upbringing of a child.

It is crucial to make certain that a child's health is a priority. That is why any costs associated with a child's health may be used. This may include eye exams and glasses, dental work, insurance copays and medical expenses not included by insurance and even over the counter medicines and supplies.

A child's happiness and education is also important. With that in mind, costs related to a child's activities in school such as clubs, field trips, sports equipment, musical instruments and lessons, and other extracurricular activities may be included as well. In addition, a child's leisurely activities may be paid for with child support payments. This may include video games, toys, vacations and outings such a trip to the movies or an amusement park may all be covered as well. As you can see, child support payments extend well beyond the basic necessities, and this should be kept in mind during a divorce regardless of which side you are on as a custodial parent or a non-custodial parent paying child support.

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