Texas Bill Would Remove Insupportability as Ground for Divorce

The rise of no-fault divorce has made it possible for many people in Texas and across the nation to obtain a divorce when, for any reason, they feel that they can no longer maintain their marriage. However, one Texas state representative has introduced a bill that may change this.

Under House Bill 93, insupportability -- the Texas version of no-fault divorce -- will no longer be a ground for divorce. The means that a divorce would have to be based only on fault-based grounds of cruelty, cheating, being convicted of a felony, abandonment, living apart or being sent to a mental hospital.

Supporters of the bill say that couples should not be able to just "throw in the towel" when their marriage becomes difficult. However, critics of the bill maintain that without insupportability, couples will simply lie about their relationship before a judge, in order to fall into one of the above fault-based categories that would allow them to get divorced. After all, the law cannot force people to love each other.

It remains to be seen how this bill will progress through the legislative process. However, it is important that residents of Texas understand that getting a divorce is often the best decision they can make for their futures, rather than being forced to stay in an unhappy marriage. That being said, if a person is contemplating divorce, they may want to make sure they seek legal advice before proceeding, not only to clear upĀ divorce legal issues, but also to ensure their rights are protected.

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