Common Issues to Address in Child Custody Cases

One of the biggest issues in a divorce is the matter of child custody. While things can get heated during this process, it is important to remember that, while you and your ex-spouse may disagree on many things, you both want what is best for your child. Here are some of the most common issues you may face when in the midst of a child custody dispute.

  • The Child's Upbringing: Legal custody refers to the rights and responsibility of a parent to make important decisions on behalf of the child, such as issues regarding the child's health, education, and religion. Both parents can express their preferences during mediation and work toward an agreement to avoid any problems in the future.
  • Access to the Child and Information Regarding the Child: It is increasingly common for parents to share custody, which means parents will have to work out a schedule that allows both parents equal time with their child. This may mean alternating between weeks or weekends, as well as special occasions.

Additionally, each party should have access to information regarding the child, including medical records, school records, and other such information.

  • Household Uniformity: Parents should agree on household rules. Two sets of rules and standards will confuse a child, leading to frustration and resentment. To make this easier for your child, try to work out a uniform set of rules that you can both enforce.

The Katy child custody attorneys at The Springer Law Firm, PLLC understand that custody matters are often complex and emotional. We can work to provide you with a balanced and practical solution that satisfies both parties and, above all, serves the best interests of your child. We do our best to preserve relationships and encourage harmony to help ensure that children are not traumatized by arguments between parents.

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