Why is January known as 'divorce month'?

Talk to any divorce lawyer and they will tell you that the phones ring more often after the holidays, and divorce filings tend to spike in the month of January. For that reason, the first month of the year has been nicknamed "divorce month."

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why people tend to file for divorce in January, but there are factors that could be contributing to the trend:

  • Many people decide to put off thinking about divorce until after the holidays, which can be stressful and chaotic enough as is.
  • Parents may decide to wait until after the holidays to file so that they can celebrate "as a family" one last time.
  • If the holidays were full of conflict, unhappy spouses may finally be ready to call it quits.
  • For some, the New Year could feel like the right time to start over by getting out of an unfulfilling marriage.
  • Tax reasons could result in some couples staying together through the remainder of the year in order to be able to file jointly.

Whatever the reason, January feels like the right time to contact a divorce lawyer for many people. In reality, though, there is no "perfect" time of year to file for divorce. Additionally, simply meeting with a lawyer does not mean that the divorce has to happen.

It is a good idea to meet with a lawyer even if it is just to discuss what the divorce process would look like or how to prepare for a split in the future.

Are you exploring divorce options?

If you are like many Americans who are thinking about ending your marriage this time of year, you are already doing the right thing by researching.

The next step, if you decide to take it, is contacting a family firm in your area that can provide you with personalized advice and information about your options and what your future could hold.

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