Is There a Good Time to Get a Divorce?

The decision to get a divorce is never an easy one and deserves a considerable amount of reflection and planning. However, for many spouses, the topic of divorce is already in the air and the question on their mind is not "if" but "when". Unfortunately, this is not a simple question and there may be no one answer. However, if you anticipate that a divorce is on the horizon, there are several factors to consider which may help prepare you for the legal, financial, and emotional battles which lie ahead.

The preparations leading up to a divorce are often as important as the process itself. Spouses conflicted about the best option often feel tremendous pressure to make the "right" choice. While the future may hold no certainties, it is critical to plan ahead and avoid rushing into a decision.

Factors to consider when moving forward with a divorce include:

  1. Children: When divorcing spouses have children, they must always be kept in mind. Divorce may be difficult for young children. In fact, this can be a motivating factor for many spouses to stay in a marriage. How old your children are, their maturity, and predicted life after a potential divorce must all be considered. How a divorce will affect children can depend on countless factors including the ongoing relationship with your ex-spouse (if any), each party's temperament, as well as parenting styles.
  2. Spousal abuse and domestic violence: If you or your child has been the victim of domestic violence, you should consider taking immediate legal action to keep your family safe. While many spouses may feel conflicted about reporting domestic violence and filing a restraining order, it may be the only option for keeping yourself and your child out of harm's way. Documented instances of abuse can also play a large role in all aspects of divorce including child custody and visitation.
  3. Financial considerations: In addition to issues involving children, the division of property can be a central point of contention when a marriage comes to an end. Understanding the financial situation of both you and your spouse before entering into a divorce can save every party time, money, and headache. Are you about to be promoted? Is a large purchase around the corner? Has one spouse been out of work for some time? The answers to these questions can play a large role in determining the appropriate legal strategies.

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