January Is a Busy Month for Divorce

Divorce and family law firms typically experience an uptick in divorce consultations and filings when the New Year starts. Known as "Divorce Month," January is a busy month for divorce, with filings increasing in January and peaking in March. So what explains the January Divorce phenomenon? 

The increase in January divorces is often attributed to:

  • Maintaining the holiday spirit: The holiday season is a time for fun and festivities. Many families reunite during this time to enjoy the holidays, even if the marriage is rocky. Nobody wants to be blamed for ruining Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Hanukkah. This is why couples will usually wait until the holidays are over before pulling the trigger.
  • Added stress of the holidays: The holidays can be stressful - emotionally and financially. If your marriage is already shaky, your relationship may not survive the new year.
  • Finances and tax planning: When you file for divorce in January, you may still be able to claim married status for the new year. For this reason, waiting to divorce may offer tax benefits.
  • Busy court schedules: There is usually less than three weeks of court time for the month of December, which may end up delaying a divorce anyway. Due to the limited schedule, it is often easier to wait until January to start legal proceedings.
  • Winter blues: The months of November, December, and January can be depressing because of the cold and dark weather. These feelings of depression can make an already failing relationship slide further downhill.
  • The New Year and a new beginning: Many of us start the New Year with resolutions and goals. This includes making plans to put an end to unhappy or unhealthy relationships. January is seen as the best time to get started. In fact, online dating registrations usually jump around this time as well.

Experienced Legal Support for Your Divorce

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