Mediation Can Be Better Way to Divorce


Over the last 18 months, COVID-19 has forced many couples and families to spend more time together than they had previously. This imposed togetherness was a blessing for some. Couples reconnected and families bonded at a higher level. The pendulum does also swing the other way, though. The extra time together exposed the cracks that already existed in relationships. Some couples are choosing to go their separate ways.

If you are considering divorce, know that you have options other than a battle where your private information and feelings are laid bare in a public courtroom. A mediated divorce offers a more private and less adversarial option to litigation.

How a Mediated Divorce Is Different

When divorcing couples use mediation, the goal is to come to a compromised solution to the disputed aspects of the divorce agreement. A skilled mediator guides an open yet structured conversation where the issues and interests are discussed. The mediator is a neutral party with their only interest being to help the spouses determine what’s best for everyone involved. In areas of disagreement, the mediator assesses the values of each party and facilitates a middle ground.

In a mediated divorce, there is no winner or loser. Both spouses feel heard, and their feelings recognized. In the end, it’s the couple – not a judge or even the mediator – that ultimately creates their divorce agreement.

Mediation is often less costly and time-consuming than a divorce that goes before a judge in family court.

At The Springer Law Firm, our founding attorney Sarah Springer is a trained mediator. Her time as both a Katy divorce attorney and a judge give her relevant and valuable experience to help resolve complex divorce issues. Call our office at (281) 990-6025 to learn more about mediation.

What Can Be Decided Through Mediation

All elements of a divorce agreement can be decided through mediation. Both spouses must be committed to providing accurate and comprehensive information about their assets, debts, insurance policies, and other documentation valuable to the mediation process.

Settle differences related to any of the following:

After the mediated settlement agreement is signed, our team at The Springer Law Firm prepares the proposed final divorce decree and files a motion to enter a judgment based on the agreement. A judge must issue a final decree based on the agreement. The only times a judge can alter the agreement is when one of the spouses is a victim of domestic violence or if the agreement gives a parent with a history of physical or sexual abuse unsupervised access to a child.

Mediation Isn’t for Everyone

Cooperating with your spouse on the issues of your divorce may not be possible. That is especially true if you suspect your spouse is hiding money, is an unsuitable parent, or has been abusive toward you. These circumstances do not lay the foundation of a fair and appropriate settlement.

In cases where litigation is the best answer, our firm has about 85 years of collective experience in family law. We will work tirelessly to create the right strategy and argue your case in court.

Mediation for Other Disputes

Mediation is not only a useful tool in deciding disagreements during a divorce. Our skilled attorneys can help mediate other family law issues, but that’s not all.

Mediation can also effectively settle:

  • Quarrels Between Neighbors
  • Contract Disputes Between Companies
  • Employment Issues
  • Personal Injury Lawsuits
  • Property Damage Lawsuits
  • Probate and Estate Matters

Providing Compassionate Legal Counsel

Everyone at The Springer Law Firm has a genuine desire to protect families. Our clients are in many ways like extended family. We never forget that behind every legal struggle is real people who are just wanting to find a resolution and move forward. You are never simply a case file. Our personalized approach to your objectives guides each step we take.

If you have questions about mediation, divorce, or any other family law matter, we are here for you. Contact us through our convenient online form or call (281) 990-6025.

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