What’s the Difference Between Collaborative Divorce and Mediation?


Understanding the Various Ways You Could Work Together to End a Marriage

Collaborative divorce and mediation are often thought to be synonymous, as they both emphasize a cooperative approach to dissolving a marriage. Still, a few key differences exist that distinguish the processes.

Legal Representation

During mediation, a couple works together with a single mediator. This mediator is unbiased and will not advocate for either party. Rather, they will simply try to help the couple reach an agreeable solution.

In collaborative divorce, however, both spouses meet with each other and their personal lawyers to defend their personal interests. Still, the goal is to reach a mutually beneficial outcome.

Length of the Process

Mediation may be slightly quicker than collaborative divorce. This is because collaborative divorce usually consists of several meetings as spouses take their time to reach the optimal outcome. Parents usually take this chance to welcome parenting coordinators and financial professionals to facilitate child custody and asset division discussions.

Backup Plan

Collaborative divorce is typically the first approach that an amicable divorcing couple takes to dissolve their marriage. It is often only when collaborative divorce has failed, or is impossible due to the couple’s inability to collaborate, that litigation or mediation are pursued.

The Similarities

Still, both collaborative divorce and mediation are positive solutions for couples who wish to have a more flexible divorce alternative. Both approaches lack the hostility that is typical of standard divorce litigation, and allow each party to voice their concerns and communicate their wishes for the outcome of the case.

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