Can Infidelity Impact My Divorce Settlement?


If your spouse had an affair, ultimately resulting in your decision to end your marriage, you are likely wondering if it will impact your settlement. It is completely natural to believe your unfaithful spouse should experience severe consequences for breaking your trust. However, infidelity does not usually have a direct impact on divorce settlements. That said, it can potentially have an indirect effect on it. Continue reading to learn more.

Affairs and Divorce

Although it is unlikely that a judge will heavily factor in your spouse’s infidelity into the outcome of your divorce, it is possible you might receive a more favorable settlement if your spouse wasted marital assets on the extramarital affair. For example, if your spouse frequently stayed in expensive hotels, purchased extravagant dinners or gifts, you may receive a larger share of marital assets to make up for the wasteful dissipation.

If the marital assets spent on the extramarital affair were minor, however, such as a few movie dates or lunches at inexpensive restaurants, it is unlikely it will impact your divorce settlement. The sum in question must be relatively substantial for it to have an impact on your case.

An affair can also potentially impact your child custody arrangement if your spouse carried on the affair in front of the children or somehow exposed them to inappropriate situations or people throughout the course of it.

The simple act of your spouse having an affair will not lead to a more favorable outcome for your divorce, but depending on the specifics of your spouse’s behavior, it may have some indirect consequences on the terms. An experienced divorce attorney will be able to advocate on your behalf and protect your interests to ensure you receive the fairest outcome for your case.

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