3 questions about spousal support

If you're currently receiving or likely to receive spousal support -- or alimony -- in Texas, you probably have a few questions about this vital financial supplement. First and foremost, alimony recipients want to know how much money they will receive, as they will be trying to determine their future budget as a single person. They may also have additional questions about alimony:

How much alimony can I receive?

Courts calculate alimony payment amounts based on a variety of factors. In a nutshell, when the marriage was longer, and the paying spouse is healthy and wealthy enough to afford alimony payments -- this will help contribute to a higher monthly payment. Courts will try to ensure that the lesser-moneyed spouse maintains a similar quality of life to what was enjoyed during the marriage. At the same time, spouses will not have to pay more than they can afford.

How long will the alimony last?

Alimony generally lasts a few years. However, it could be as short as a few months or as long as a lifetime depending on the length of the marriage and the capacity of the paying spouse to pay. Courts will generally want alimony to last long enough for the receiving spouse to gain the necessary training or education to be financially independent.

Could my alimony be reduced?

If the paying spouse becomes ill, loses his or her job or if the receiving spouse remarries or changes his or her income levels for the better, this could result in the reduction or elimination of the alimony payments.

At our law firm, we make it our mission to fully educate our clients about the nuances of Texas alimony law. The more you know about this topic -- regardless of whether you're the paying spouse or the receiving spouse -- the knowledge will help you protect your legal rights when it comes to a spousal support dispute.

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