What Are The Chances of a Father Getting 50 50 Custody in Texas

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The modern trend in divorce and child custody involves the parents sharing their children equally. In other words, Parent A will have the children half the time and Parent B will have the children the other half of the time. These arrangements are now more common than ever, but that doesn't mean it's guaranteed. Parents who want to have 50-50 child custody -- especially fathers -- should take some proactive measures to increase their chances of receiving a joint custody ruling.

Here's what fathers can do to help their child custody cases:

  • Contact a Texas attorney - An experienced attorney can advise parents about their chances of getting joint custody and how to pursue this kind of custody in court.
  • Continue being a "dad" - No matter what happens in your separation and divorce, take every step you can to continue being a father. Be there for your children, help take care of them and provide for them financially. This will show the court that you're a willing and capable parent.
  • Pay your child support - It's vital for fathers to always pay their child support on time and never miss a payment. Missing a child support payment can hurt a father's chances to pursue custody. It is also illegal and may come with severe penalties. Remember, child support is the right of the child, not of the parents. 
  • Keep a child care journal - Maintaining a child care journal will create proof of the parental responsibilities you have completed as a father. These include school meetings, extracurricular activities, doctor appointments, etc.
  • Get your home ready - Make sure that you have a comfortable and safe home for your child. Having age-appropriate limits (ex: curfew) will show the court that you have the best interests of the child in mind.
  • Stay within range - avoid moving out of state or out of driving distance. This is a huge red flag to the court.
  • Stay goal-focused - Fathers may want to write down their child custody goals and stay focused on achieving them. Perhaps your goal is to have your child live with you part-time every week. Whatever your goals, keep your eyes on the prize, as it will help you stay clear about your decisions.

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