How to Cope With the Stress of a Divorce

Divorce is straight-up stressful. It is a life changing, overwhelming, emotional roller coaster that, even under the most amicable circumstances can still be difficult to navigate your way through. That said, it is not impossible to make this inherently tough time more bearable, so you can focus on the possibilities of what your new future has to offer you.

Here are some tips to help you cope with the stress of a divorce:

  1. Just Breathe: No, this is not a waste of time. Stress is a killer and letting it overwhelm you day in and day out will only hurt you. If you are into meditation, you know this is an effective strategy. If not, you can still benefit from this. Take 7 to 10 deep slow full breaths 3 to 4 times a day - it will make a difference. Your heart will feel calmer as your brain floods with oxygen. It does not hurt to try it.
  2. Exercise Regularly: Physical activity releases endorphins, which naturally lift your mood, serving as an effective stress reliever. So, whether you enjoy running, yoga, hiking, or simply walking, get moving. You do not have to be a particularly athletic person to reap the benefits of it.
  3. Go Out: Divorce can be an isolating process and you might not feel like leaving your home or socializing with others, but you should not give up and become a recluse. It might be difficult, but encourage yourself to go out. Being around the company of others can help distract your mind, providing a healthy and refreshing reset.
  4. Set Goals: This might feel like an uncertain time for you, and you might feel that your life lacks direction, which can certainly add to the stress of feeling as though you are free-falling through life. The truth is that you will be fine, especially if you take initiative and start setting new goals for yourself. These can either be big dreams or small daily actions you would like to achieve. The better you are able to hold yourself accountable, the more effective it will be.
  5. Remember to Love Yourself: This might seem cliché or sappy, but you actually do need to look after yourself and love yourself. During a divorce, we often take a major hit to our feeling of self-worth, which can lead to a whole range of unpleasant thoughts. Perhaps you blame yourself for the failure of your marriage, or believe you are not good enough, smart enough, or successful enough. You have to remember that these thoughts are coming from a place of sadness and are not honest reflections of who you are. Sure, no one is perfect, but it takes two to end a marriage, so you cannot carry the burden of that weight all on your own. Forgive yourself, love yourself, and always bear in mind that no one is perfect and we are all humans who are subject to making mistakes.
  6. Be Grateful: You might struggle to find things to be grateful for during this time. Your marriage is ending and you are likely suffering some form of financial loss, but that does not mean you have nothing to be grateful for. Having a positive attitude or outlook in life can dictate the tone of your future. Your divorce, whether you wanted it to happen or not, is presenting you with a new opportunity filled with new choices. This is the time to rewrite your future, which is surely something to be grateful for even if it seems hard now.
  7. Accept the Changes: Lots of us despise change, especially when we feel unprepared for it. Change comes all the same though, so we all should try our best to not only accept it, but embrace it.

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