Phenix City Couple is Arrested for Child Neglect

A couple from Alabama was put in jail last week, after not allowing their foster children to get out of the hot sun, back into their hotel room. The couple took their two foster children, ages 2 and 5, on a vacation with them to Daytona Beach Shores and were staying at a Hawaiin Inn. Several people in the hotel became concerned when it appeared that the children were sunburned, and were desperately trying to go back inside to get out of the sun and heat.

Mounir and Rebecca El-Rhazouani were reportedly drunk and refused to let the children inside. Later, the children were let inside, and the parents left the hotel room to go down to the pool. The parents claim that they had only left temporarily to retrieve some items from the pool. However, the Department of Human Resources always investigates cases like this one that involve foster children. The parents were put in the Volusia County jail.

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