Can I Reduce My Spousal Support Payments?

If you are experiencing some difficulties in your financial situation and need a reduction in your spousal support payments, you can have the order modified, whether it be through discussing the matter with your spouse or petitioning the court for these necessary changes. For your spousal support order to be modified, you must prove that you experienced a significant change in circumstances. Otherwise, it is unlikely your request will succeed. Continue reading to learn more about reducing the spousal support order.

Proving Your Situation Changed Significantly

If you and your former spouse cannot reach an agreement regarding your spousal support payments, you may succeed in court with skilled legal assistance, so be sure to secure experienced representation as soon as possible.

During this process, you must prove that your situation significantly changed. Below are a few examples:

  • You involuntarily lost your job or experienced a demotion, resulting in a pay cut.
  • You developed a disability or are suffering from an illness that makes it impossible for you to maintain gainful employment.

Even if your financial situation did not change significantly, you may still petition the court for a reduction or elimination of your spousal support payments if your ex-spouse’s situation changed.

Below are some examples of the situations in which you may receive a modification of your spousal support payments:

  • Your former spouse lives with a new partner or remarried.
  • Your former spouse received a substantial increase in pay.

Generally, spousal support payments automatically terminate when the receiving spouse remarries. However, cohabitation will not result in an automatic reduction or termination. You must petition the court. Whatever your situation may be, do not simply stop making spousal support payments.

Reach Out to an Experienced Family Law Attorney to Discuss Your Case!

If you are unable to keep up with your spousal support payments, you need to reach out to the legal team at The Springer Law Firm PLLC for the skilled legal assistance you need. Our attorneys can guide you throughout the complex process of obtaining a post-divorce modification of the court order, relieving you of some of the financial strain you are experiencing. With 85 years of collective legal experience, you can trust in our team’s ability to provide the representation and advice you need to achieve your goals.

Get started on your case today and reach out to our law office at (281) 990-6025 to set up an initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

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