Divorcing vs. Staying Together: What’s Best for the Children?

You may think that staying married is beneficial for your children. In fact, many people are under the impression that children should be raised by both parents in a shared home. However, if you and your spouse are constantly fighting and your child feels caught in the middle, staying married could end up hindering your child’s emotional development rather than helping.

The reality is that, in some cases, staying married for your children could negatively affect them in the following ways:

Children Might Notice the Tension

Children pick up on even the smallest social cues. Something as simple as not engaging your spouse in conversation or not participating in an activity that the whole family used to be involved in will catch a child’s attention. Once they are clued into the changes in your relationship, they could begin to ask questions about the shift. Which, in turn, could affect the way they act around you and your spouse.

Children Could Model Their Relationships on Your Current Relationship

Children look to their parents for guidance on a myriad of subjects, including romantic relationships. If you and your spouse are always arguing or avoiding each other, your children may think the behavior is normal.

By separating from your spouse, you have a greater chance of continuing to foster a positive relationship with them. Even though you are no longer together, you are showing your children a great example of what a mature adult relationship looks like.

Children Could Develop Behavioral Problems

If children are brought up in a home where their parents are constantly arguing or causing substantial harm to each other, they may develop behavioral problems. Children may not understand how to process the complex emotions they are dealing with as a result of strife at home. In such cases, they may begin to lash out at school or elsewhere.

If you and your spouse have a hard time seeing eye to eye, divorcing before the situation escalates may be best for all parties involved. Doing so could allow you and your spouse to come to a neutral ground and help your children grow up to live their best lives possible.

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