How irrational jealousy can bring a marriage to a close

Irrational jealousy, which psychologists sometimes refer to as "morbid jealousy" when it's severe enough, can cause serious problems in marriages. Perhaps the worst part of severe jealousy is the fact that it can create a self-fulfilling prophecy by pushing the partner away and causing the fear of loss of love and loss of respect to actually solidify into reality.

Here are some of the feelings that irrational jealousy will introduce into a marriage:

  • Lack of trust
  • Resentment
  • Irrational anger
  • Defensiveness
  • Pointless arguments centered around confusing delusions
  • The need for constant reassurance
  • Depression
  • A wish to seek revenge
  • Constant interrogations and probing
  • Trembling, dizziness, anxiety, crying, loss of sleep and loss of appetite
  • Eventually, the end of your marriage

If you've reached your wits end after years of dealing with a jealous and controlling partner, you may have noticed that little-by-little, you've become less open with friends and the world around you out of a fear of triggering the jealousies of your spouse. This isn't a healthy or joyful experience for anyone to endure. According to the popular psychologist, Dr. Gail Saltz, "If you feel jealous, or if your partner does, it doesn't matter. Eventually, jealousy will erode your relationship and destroy your marriage."

Depending on your situation, you may have decided that it's time to say goodbye to your jealous spouse once and for all and bring your marriage to a close. If that's the case, you may want to take care to divorce as peacefully and respectfully as possible, which will take a certain degree of tact and experience in Texas divorce law.

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