How does a divorce mediator facilitate your settlement?

If you've decided to get a divorce, you might want to consider using a professional divorce mediator. A mediator can help you and your spouse come to agreement on the numerous issues your divorce needs to address such as: asset division, child custody, spousal support and more.

Due to the costs and stresses related to litigating a divorce in court, most family law attorneys will recommend that couples try to achieve a peaceful, out-of-court divorce settlement, and mediation can help achieve this, but how? How does a mediator help couples in this regard?

The important role of a divorce mediator

To help you arrive at a mutually agreed upon divorce settlement, your professional mediator will do the following:

Facilitate communication: One of the mediator's most important jobs is to ensure that both spouses have the chance to make their voices heard. In many relationships, one spouse will dominate all communication and the other spouse won't have any speaking time. A mediator will prevent this kind of situation from happening while the spouses discuss their wishes and needs regarding settlement.

Prompt spouses to speak up: Some spouses may be shy to voice their true opinions and desires -- or they might not do so effectively. A divorce mediator will ask spouses to say their points or explain their desires better to help the communication process.

Ask important questions: The mediator will also ask important questions of the spouses to better illuminate their wishes and goals.

Offer legal information: The mediator may try to educate the spouses about Texas family law and the legal system, so they understand how a family court judge might view certain issues.

Offer alternative solutions: The mediator will give you and your spouse alternative solutions to different sticking points that you might not have considered.

Referral to experts: The mediator might also refer couples to a neutral expert who can offer appraisals and other services to offer closure on important issues pertaining to the divorce.

Is mediation right for you and your spouse?

Spouses who are fighting over every detail of their divorces -- no matter who is right and who is wrong -- may not be able to achieve a successful divorce settlement through mediation. However, if you and your spouse are willing to peacefully work through your differences toward agreeable divorce solutions, then mediation could be the perfect way to bring your marriage to a close.

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