Is it time to get a divorce when marriage lacks intimacy?

Marriage and romantic relationships are all about intimacy. However, when it comes to degrees of intimacy, marriage reigns supreme. We live and sleep with our spouses share intimate moments and raise children with them.

We even merge our lives with our spouses' families. Interestingly enough, however, even though we share all these things during marriage, it's still possible to lose a sense of intimacy in the relationship. When this happens, the lack of intimacy could result in divorce.

Here are two examples of how marriages can lack intimacy:

A lack of meaningful, heartfelt communication. If communication isn't working or if consists mainly of bickering, the spouses could eventually withdraw from one another. They might talk, but they won't reveal their intimate feelings, wishes and concerns because they're afraid they'll fall on deaf ears or the revelation will insight an argument. A relationship like this can lead to unfulfillment and eventually, divorce.

A lack of sexual contact. Over time, spouses can lose sexual attraction for one another. Although some sexless relationships endure for decades or lifetimes, not all spouses are content with these arrangements. In these cases, one spouse may decide to step outside of the marriage in order to fulfill the need for physical intimacy with another person.

If your relationship lacks intimacy and you've decided to get a divorce because of it, it's important to try and foster a sense of empathy for your spouse during the divorce process. When you can put yourself in the other person's shoes, it will help you negotiate a fair and lawful out-of-court settlement during your divorce proceedings.

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