Remember to do the following during your divorce process

There are many things that divorcing spouses should do and keep track of during their divorce processes. This is why Texas residents often hire divorce attorneys to assist them in navigating their legal proceedings. However, in addition to working with a legal professional, Texas spouses who are going through a divorce may also want to do the following:


Cooperate and be reasonable whenever possible. A contentious divorce will be a lot more costly, time-consuming and stressful than a peaceful and respectful process.

Focus on the kids

Be attentive to the needs of your children during and after divorce. The divorce may be much more difficult on them than it is on you.

Stay in communication

Stay in close communication with your spouse while you're negotiating child custody, especially when the children are in your temporary custody. This will help keep your spouse calm and trustful.

Disclose your assets

Disclose all of your assets and property openly to the court. Any hidden assets will work against the spouse who is hiding them. A divorce decree could also be invalidated if a judge later discovers that the other spouse was hiding money.

Understand your legal options

Learn as much as you can about Texas divorce law to fully understand your legal rights and options. Learn about the following issues:

  • Where to file your divorce
  • Your child custody rights
  • How much child support will be (if anything) and who will pay it
  • How much spousal support could be (if anything) and who may pay it
  • The process of divorce, including filing, trials, mediation and out-of-court settlements.

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