What are the qualifying conditions for alimony?

For Texas residents who are about to enter into the divorce process, there are many questions that can weigh heavily on their minds. Every divorcing couple has different goals and wishes when it comes to how they would like a divorce to proceed. Plus, there are various elements of divorce that are relevant in some cases, but not in others. Every divorce case is unique and there are legal nuances and complexities involved that can complicate the process.

One question that often comes up in divorce cases is what isĀ alimony, and who qualifies for it? In basic terms, alimony consists of support payments one spouse makes to the other. It is awarded to one spouse when he or she cannot meet his or her financial needs without the aid of the other spouse. This can be temporary. In some cases, the support payments only last as long as the spouse is unable to reenter the workforce. Or, in some cases, it is a more permanent solution, as is the case when the spouse is disabled or too old to realistically start working again.

There are a number of questions that can be helpful when determining whether someone qualifies for alimony. For one, it can be useful to look at education levels. Also, looking at prior employment can be helpful. The length of unemployment, as well as the length of the marriage, can both be important considerations as well.

As becomes apparent, there are many complexities involved in determining whether or not someone qualifies for alimony payments. Plus, every situation can vary greatly. Thankfully, an attorney can help clear up many of the issues surrounding alimony.

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