Common Divorce Myths

We have all heard various divorce stories, both amicable and contentious. Divorce stories inevitably involve myths, however, or elements that are either rare or not present in every case. The fact is that divorces are as different as the individuals involved in them, so you cannot look to one or even a handful of these stories as a model for what to expect out of a divorce. If you are going through a divorce, it is important to have realistic expectations for it that are not colored by myths or secondhand stories.

Here are some of the most common myths about divorce:

  1. Children always stay with the mother: This may have been true in the past, but is no longer always the case. If a mother is unable to provide a stable home or is incapable of handling her child, she will not win custody. In most cases, judges prefer the involvement of both parents in the life of a child. Ultimately, regardless of gender, if one parent is unfit to care for a child, that person will not win custody.
  2. Divorce is always expensive: Certainly, some divorces can be expensive, but that is not always the case. Many couples are able to resolve their issues outside of court through other means, such as mediation and arbitration. When divorcing spouses are open to negotiating, both benefit from a less costly process and fewer headaches.
  3. Divorce is always one person's fault: Spouses are often upset enough to believe the other is to blame, but most divorces are the fault of both parties. Couples sometimes outgrow one another or discover fundamental differences they cannot move past. Either way, it takes two people to end a marriage. If love and respect are no longer thriving in your marriage, and you have exhausted every option to save it, it might be time to consider a divorce.
  4. Disagreements always lead to divorce: Everyone argues, even couples. You cannot expect two people to be in agreement with one another on everything at all times, so a disagreement here and there is completely natural, if not expected. When spouses love and respect one another, they know when to pull back from a disagreement. While certainly, some disagreements might spark the issues that end a marriage, it is impractical to think that a healthy and happy marriage means always being on the same page.
  5. Having children can prevent a divorce: Children are not a bandage for marriage and should never be treated as such. If you end up having a child to try to cure what ails your marriage, you will either continue to be unhappy, or get divorced anyway. Never use a child as a pawn. It is irresponsible and selfish.

No matter what you might have heard about divorce, remember that every set of circumstances is unique in its own way. Forget the myths and stories you have heard as you consider your own divorce.

Divorce Attorneys in Katy

Divorce often presents many legal and emotional challenges, even in cases where spouses are on relatively good terms with one another. To ease the stress of this process, you will need to work with a legal advocate who can provide the compassion, efficiency, and understanding you deserve to get you through your divorce. At the Springer Law Firm, our skilled legal team has over 35 years of trial-tested experience, which we will put to use for you. Let us guide you through every step of the process and offer insight to help settle your divorce through mediation or, if need be, litigation.

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