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Child support limits: What to know about child support in Texas

Child support may be something that you're concerned about as a high-earning parent. You don't have primary custody of your child, so you know you'll be expected to pay. Even though that's the case, did you know that there is a cap on the maximum child support you'll have to pay? Earning more doesn't necessarily mean you'll pay more over time.

4 reasons why people choose to end a long-term marriage

As of 2015, the average lifespan of men was 77 years and the average for women was 81. In 1970, the average life spans were 67 and 74, respectively. These longer life expectancies might be one of the reasons why long-term marriages seem to be failing in higher numbers. In addition, people are working longer, leading more active lifestyles and are less reluctant to start over later in life.

Seeking custody of your grandchildren because of drug abuse

Heroin, opioid and opiate abuse is becoming a national epidemic. Meth and other substances, including alcohol, can also cause all kinds of medical and social issues for those with dependence on them. Families get torn apart when a parent or an older child ends up with an addiction. As a parent, the last thing you ever want to see is your child struggling with a potentially deadly problem. As a grandparent, however, you also need to put the needs of the youngest and most vulnerable people in your family first.

Do you need to collect child medical expenses from an ex?

Every child gets hurt, and some children are more adventurous and more likely to get hurt than others. Your child might also get sick, or contract a medical condition. These issues will require costly medical care. Not all of these medical expenses will be covered by your insurance, and you might have trouble paying for them.

Here's what you should know about missing child support

Child support is an important part of your child's life, because it's there to guarantee that he or she has the support of two parents' incomes. During the holidays, this support is particularly important. Your child might have special events at school or need clothing for cooler weather. He or she may want to go on a school trip or need an outfit for an extracurricular activity.

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