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Here's what you should know about missing child support

Child support is an important part of your child's life, because it's there to guarantee that he or she has the support of two parents' incomes. During the holidays, this support is particularly important. Your child might have special events at school or need clothing for cooler weather. He or she may want to go on a school trip or need an outfit for an extracurricular activity.

Caring for your grandkids might come with legal issues

Raising or caring your grandchildren in the Fort Bend area can come with a myriad of issues. From handling medical care to dealing with educational requirements, you may experience some challenges that were not present when you were raising your children. The chances are good that you have several questions regarding legal issues that may come up.

High wage earners may have sticker shock from child support

Getting divorced is generally an unpleasant process. Even if you and your spouse agree that there is no potential to save your marriage, it still hurts to end such an important relationship. Emotions run high, and you may find yourself behaving in uncharacteristic ways. You may feel strong resentment about how much child support was ordered.

As a grandparent, can you get custody of your grandchildren?

There are few things as powerful as the love of a grandparent for his or her grandchildren. You probably love your grandkids and want the best for them. You would do anything to protect them, even having them come to live with you if your child is unwilling or unable to provide for them. The bond you share is powerful, but you may find yourself wondering what legal rights you have.

Same sex divorces with children may present unique challenges

Earning the right to marry at the Federal level was a major step forward for same-sex families. Suddenly, even the most resistant states got forced to acknowledge the legitimacy of same sex marriages and families. Couples who had been together for years, even decades, flocked to the alter or the justice of the peace in droves to publicly celebrate their unions.

When can grandparents gain full custody?

Although it is not common for grandparents to gain custody of their grandchildren, certain circumstances make it a viable option. In all cases, it must be in the child’s best interest for their grandparents to be their primary caregivers. Otherwise, the court will decide to keep the child in the custody of their parents. What do you need to know about gaining custody of your grandchild?

Want custody in a Texas divorce? Pay your child support.

Divorces rarely bring out the best behavior in people. When you're feeling hurt and angry, you may do things that are otherwise out of character. It can be hard to work through the complex feelings caused by a divorce, but you shouldn't let your emotions damage your chances of obtaining custody of your children.

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