The Risks of Using an Online Divorce Service

We live in a modern world where we can handle nearly any task with a few clicks of a mouse or the tap of a phone screen. It seems only reasonable to turn to an online divorce service to dissolve your marriage, especially since these services are generally quite cheap. However, unlike managing a bank account, unlinking your life from your spouse is substantially more complex and an online divorce service cannot begin to help you navigate the unique complexities of your case. Although it seems like the most cost-effective option, it will ultimately cost more in the long run, especially if you must repeatedly return to court in an attempt to modify the terms of your divorce.

Hidden Dangers

Using an online divorce service might not seem particularly dangerous, but you have to keep in mind that divorce is not a cookie-cutter experience. What works for one couple might be disastrous for you and your spouse.

Below are some of the risks of using an online divorce service:

  1. You might not file your divorce papers properly. An online divorce service is not the same experience as having the guidance of an attorney. If something is incorrect, you will not know it until you are having to correct the error, which can cost more time and money. On the other hand, an attorney will ensure your papers are correctly and your needs are legally met.
  1. You are likely well aware that the internet is a dangerous place where identity theft occurs on a regular basis. When you use an online divorce service, you will input a substantial amount of private information online and, if the site is not as secure as it should be, your information might be compromised. The last thing you want to deal with during your divorce is identity theft or fraud.
  1. You will not have any personal support. When you hire a divorce attorney, you will have a constant source of personal support. If you have a question, your legal team will have answers and, if your situation is particularly complex, they will know how to skillfully navigate it.

Although an online divorce service can dissolve your marriage, you might not get the outcome you want, which means you might end up spending more time in court trying to obtain a post-divorce modification. Get it done right the first time by hiring an experienced divorce attorney.

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If you are getting a divorce, online divorce services probably seem like a cost-effective option to get through this, but it will likely cost more in the long run. Instead of gambling with your future, you should reach out to the skilled family law team at The Springer Law Firm PLLC for the legal guidance you need. Our attorneys have 85 years of combined experience in assisting clients through one of the most emotional obstacles they will ever face.

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