Can I Reduce or Terminate My Alimony Payments?

No one wants to make alimony payments longer than they have to, especially if one or both party’s financial circumstances have changed so substantially that the order is either no longer practical or simply does not make sense. There are numerous circumstances in which one can request a reduction or termination of these payments. However, you will need an experienced attorney on your side to assist you with the process and ensure your success. Continue reading to learn more about the process of requesting a modification of your alimony payments.

In some cases, former spouses who are on amicable terms may reach an agreement regarding a change in alimony payments. That said, even if you and your spouse can agree to a modification, it is crucial to have it approved by the court to ensure it is enforceable.

Petitioning the Court to Reduce or Terminate Your Alimony Payments

Alimony is not designed to last forever, especially given how frequently one’s circumstances may change. If your financial situation changed substantially or if your former spouse’s situation changed substantially, you may be able to successfully reduce or terminate your payments.

If you involuntarily lost your job or experienced an involuntary reduction in income, you can petition the court to reduce your alimony payments. If you quit your job in an effort to avoid paying alimony to your former spouse, however, it is highly unlikely a judge will grant your request. You may also petition the court for a reduction or termination of these payments if you developed a condition that prevents you from maintaining gainful employment.

There are also some circumstances in which you may terminate or reduce alimony payments based on your former spouse’s current living situation. For example, if our ex remarries, your alimony payments will automatically be terminated. Your alimony payments may also be terminated if your former spouse lives with a new partner.

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