Adoption is a long and emotional process

Adoption brings together a child who needs loving parents with the adults who can meet that need. For the adoptive parent, this is a beautiful situation that they are willing to work hard to make happen. We know that some adoptive parents have some questions or concerns about what the process will entail. We can answer those and help them to move through the process.

One thing that you should remember about adoption is that the process usually isn't going to be swift. Instead, you have to be patient and continually work toward the goal of bringing your new family member home.

There are different types of adoptions that can have different requirements. For example, a stepparent adoption is a bit different from a couple adopting a baby from a stranger. We can help you find out what you need to do in your case, which can make the process less stressful for you.

When you are preparing for an adoption, don't think only about the legal process. You also need to prepare yourself for the changes that will occur in your home dynamic when the baby comes home. That tiny one will be the focal point of your life, which is probably a huge difference from where you are now.

We know that this journey is probably filled with a range of emotions. We will help you deal with the legal aspects of it all so that you can focus more on yourself and preparing your home for the baby that will become the center of your world.

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