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Is a second marriage more likely to stand the test of time?

Getting divorced taught you a lot about yourself. It showed you what you're looking for in a relationship. It showed you what you want to avoid. It helped you learn how to relate to your spouse, what red flags to watch out for and what types of deal breakers and warning signs you should have been more responsive to before you even got married in the first place.

Key components of a long-distance parenting plan

When a child's parents don't live near each other, the kid is the one who can suffer. Finding a way to make long-distance parenting work will take cooperation from both parents. Working as a team puts the youngsters first and helps to ensure that they can have a meaningful relationship with both adults.

Blended families, estate plans and beneficiary designation errors

Blended families are more common now than they ever have been, thanks to high divorce rates. Many couples have children, split up and then get remarried. While this can create a wonderful family unit for all involved, it also means that it's more complicated with exes, step-children, multiple sets of grandparents, and much more.

When young parents get divorced, they must put the kids first

As much as people talk about staying together for the kids, the reality is that young parents often find themselves splitting up. Sure, some couples get divorced quickly, realizing the marriage was a mistake before they have kids. Others stick it out for 18 years so that the kids can grow up and go to college before they break things off. However, many fall into that middle-ground, wanting to get divorced even though they have young children in the house.

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