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Did your spouse hide assets at work?

If your spouse files for divorce, you may worry that he or she will hide assets from you to keep them out of your hands when you split up your property. Common tactics include giving away assets, lying about income or finding a way to mock up fake debt.

One other thing you want to look into, though, is whether or not your spouse worked with a boss or supervisor to "hide" assets at work. After all, you can often find other hidden assets through bank statements, tax papers and the like. With a little creativity, your spouse can keep them out of that paper trail entirely.

For instance, maybe your spouse earned a bonus this year. Their boss offered to pay it out. Your spouse, though, asked the boss to wait. If the company held the money for a few months, he or she could then get paid the bonus after the divorce was finalized. This would keep that bonus from looking like marital property, even though your spouse did in fact earn it during your marriage.

The same thing can also be done with pay raises, retirement benefits and stock options. All your spouse wants to do is keep them out of his or her name until after the split. With a little help, they can make you think they never earned that income at all.

As you can see, people go to great lengths to hide assets during a divorce, and it is very important for you to know all of the legal options you have to uncover these assets and get a fair split.

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