What child custody looks like has changed

Child custody arrangements don't have to look like the things you've seen in the movies. You don't need to trade off with your ex-spouse every other day or fight with him or her about where your child lives or what he or she does.

In reality, child custody arrangements are extremely different in today's world than they were in the past. While it used to be mothers who were more likely to get their children, today, either parent may succeed in doing so. Joint custody is preferred because of the stability and support it provides to the children involved.

Child custody is different today because the child is first regardless of the situation. There's no simple solution to every custody situation. It's in the child's best interest for the parents to work together to figure out what works for their situation. For instance, sharing a home but having different bedrooms, has been one way some parents tackle the issue. Others live next door to one another or swap custody only a few times per year.

For your situation, it's a good idea to be honest about your needs as well as what you want for your child. If your spouse can do the same, there's a chance you can come to some common ground over what you need to do to help your child get through the divorce comfortably and to continue living a healthy and happy life.

Our site has more information about child custody and what you can do to help your child while you're going through a divorce.

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