What can fathers do when mothers refuse to agree on paternity?

Not all mothers are willing to let the biological fathers of their children play a role in their children's lives. These mothers may have their reasons for separating the children from their biological fathers, and certain fathers may be OK with that. However, when it comes to fathers who want to be fathers – and want to play a role in the lives of their children – a family court judge may view the issue from a more father-friendly perspective if the father can prove that he's the dad.

Fortunately, the process required to prove paternity is straightforward in the modern era of blood and genetic testing. Also, in some cases, a father may also be able to get the mother to agree on paternity.

Here's how providing paternity works:

If the mother knows who the father is but is refusing to admit to paternity

When the mother knows who the father is, but simply does not want this person to have visitation rights, the father will ultimately prevail in a paternity suit. In these cases, when the mother realizes the father is serious about asserting his rights in court, she may agree to settle with the father and fill out the necessary paperwork required to establish him as the legal dad.

If the mother can see the wisdom of receiving child support and having the child spend time with his or her dad

Sometimes a mother will come around when she sees that the father's intentions are pure. Most mothers understand that the child will benefit from a relationship with his or her dad – whether she likes the father or not. Sometimes, a mother will come around and agree to establish paternity.

If the parents can't come to an agreement about paternity

If the parents can't come to an agreement regarding paternity, then the father can file a paternity lawsuit to establish himself as the biological dad. Once this has been established, the father can pursue visitation rights. The amount of visitation the father is awarded will depend on various factors and the opinion of the court.

Are you desperate to establish your paternity rights? The law may be on your side. Don't give up until you're certain you've done everything you can to secure your ability to spend time with your child.

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