Remember to include this in your parenting agreement

When two parents decide to get divorced, they will have numerous issues to negotiate and decide as a part of breaking up their marriage. However, there's one topic that always takes the cake: child custody. You and your future co-parent will need to come to agreement on vital issues relating to who your children will live with and how your children will spend time with both parents. There are other vital co-parenting issues you'll need to decide as well, and all this should be included in your parenting agreement.

When creating a parenting agreement, Houston area parents shouldn't forget to cover the following issues:

A plan for conflict resolution

Parents need to indicate in their parenting plan how they will handle serious disagreements that they can find a solution to on their own. The inclusion of an arbitration clause in the parenting plan can help ensure that parents arrive at a fair, professional and cost-effective solution any serious disagreements that arise.

Where the children will live

The parents need to indicate within the parenting agreement the details of the child's living arrangements. In many modern co-parenting relationships, the children live half the time with one parent and half the time with the other. However, it's also exceedingly common for the children to only have one domicile with just one parent.

A child visitation schedule

No parenting agreement will be complete without distinct guidelines for child visits with the noncustodial parent.

Parents who want to draft the most appropriate parenting agreements for their needs may want to consult with a qualified family law attorney who can assist them with this important part of their divorce process.

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