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3 things you need to consider in your prenuptial agreement

Many people consider prenuptial agreements to be a "touchy" topic to bring up with a soon-to-be spouse. However, considering the chances for divorce, these agreements are a responsible idea.

Following are some things that are worth including in a prenup:

Protection from your spouse's premarital debts: There have been many cases in which two people delay marriage because one of them has a lot of debts, and the other doesn't want to assume responsibility for those debts. In this case, a prenup can be used to protect the other spouse from needing to share these debts after marriage.

Determining who gets to keep the family pet: Many people don't realize that pets are often viewed as "property" in a divorce. Therefore, deciding who gets to keep any animals you have when you divorce could become a bone of contention. To avoid this, the couple can specify who will get to keep the pets in the event of a divorce.

Deciding who will keep the engagement and wedding ring: It's not unheard-of for spouses to fight over an engagement or wedding ring during a divorce. If one spouse spent a lot of money on the ring, for example, that spouse might want to take it back. Even though engagement rings are "gifts" and should be considered separate property in a divorce, some spouses may want to specify this in writing in the prenup to avoid a point of disagreement later on down the road.

Have you considered all your options for your prenup? By speaking with an experienced family law attorney, you can work to ensure that you address as many issues as you can anticipate.

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