The role of the non-custodial parent in child custody arrangement

As you prepare to negotiate child custody arrangements with your spouse in Texas, you should have an understanding of the role a non-custodial parent plays in these arrangements. This is important to know in the event that you become the non-custodial parent as deemed by the court or through negotiations with your former spouse.

One of the first things you must be cognizant of is that being the non-custodial parent is not a negative thing. Many parents look at it as they lost their child custody fight with their former spouse. But, you can be just as active in the lives of your children as the non-custodial parent as the parent with full custody.

Your rights as the non-custodial parent will differ based on the determination of custody by the court. If the other parent is given sole custody of the child, which includes legal and physical custody of the child, you won't have any rights when it comes to caring for or raising the child. But you most likely will be awarded visitation rights in this situation, which the other parent must comply with to avoid breaking the law.

If sole custody is not awarded, the other parent can still be awarded physical custody of the child. All this means is that the child will live most of the time with the other parent. You will be considered the non-custodial parent but will have more rights compared to the previous situation discussed.

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