Fathers: Establish paternity early to prevent adoption issues

Unmarried fathers sometimes worry about what will happen if they have a child out of wedlock that a woman then wants to give up. Can a father object to the adoption of his child? The short answer is yes, because it takes two to create a child.

Generally speaking, adoption requires both parents to give up their rights. Both parents have to consent to giving a child up for adoption. However, fathers who aren't married may not have sought out paternity tests or be legally recognized as a biological fathers of their children. If they aren't recognized by the law, they don't have any right to object to an adoption.

It's a good idea to proactively fight for your right to paternity. If you take a stand for your rights and make sure that paternity is established, no one can "give away" your child without permission. If you fail to establish paternity in a timely manner, you may not be able to obtain any parental rights, and you could see your child adopted by another family.

It's possible to establish paternity before a child is ever born. If you feel that someone is carrying your child and want to establish paternity, you can take a DNA test. This also highlights your commitment to your child, which is something the courts like to see.

If you're worried about your partner giving your child up for adoption, take the time to seek out a DNA test now. Early prevention can help you protect your child and your right to fatherhood in the future.

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