Child Custody Tips for Summer Vacation

A summer vacation should be all about fun, bonding time, and rest and relaxation instead of fighting over child custody with your ex and digging into old wounds that still need time to fully heal. Maybe you want to take them abroad to Europe, but he or she probably only gets to see them during the summer season. Do not attempt to sort out the details of your arrangement after you have already made plans. Start planning ahead and make sure you address all of your concerns before buying any tickets and making vacation plans. To help you navigate through this delicate situation, here are some tips to bear in mind:

  • Arrange a vacation schedule with your ex and make sure you stick to it: When the kids are off from school it can seem like you have a wealth of time to spend with them. Maybe you can take a cross-country road trip or visit Disneyland. None of these things will happen as planned if you do not sit down and discuss any of them with your ex. Instead of enjoying a fun vacation, you might just end up back in court playing tug of war with your children's summer.

To avoid this, craft a vacation schedule with your ex and the assistance of a child custody lawyer, which you should both sign off on and submit to a family court judge. This ensures everyone is on the same page about where the kids will be for the summer.

  • Do not violate the custody agreement: Your custody agreement might very well have geographical limits. You might not be able to take them out of the state or country. If your summer vacation plans involve a trip abroad, be sure you understand the limits of your custody agreement and request modifications if necessary.
  • Give a sufficient amount of notice: Chances are you are probably planning your vacation plans rather extensively, down to the very last detail. Now, what you do not want to do is suddenly spring these well-laid plans on your ex at the last possible minute. Give him or her at least couple of months, if possible, to be aware of your travel plans with the children. Communication is key to making a shared child custody arrangement work, so do your part by letting your spouse know what you would like to do over the summer.
  • Exchange custody in a safe place: You do not need to make child custody exchange a difficult situation or any more stressful than it needs to be. Choose to meet in a well-monitored public place where your children feel safe. A day care center or your children's school would be an ideal place, especially if you and your ex are still not comfortable being in the same room with one another in more intimate settings.
  • Let your kids continue to communicate with the other parent while on vacation with you: Just because your kids are on vacation with you does not mean it is ok to cut off contact with the other parent. Your ex will probably miss the children and your children will miss their parent as well. Do not make this a difficult experience for either of them, regardless of whatever issues you might still have with your ex. Skype is an excellent way to provide virtual visitation for your children and your ex while they are potentially thousands of miles away from one another.

If you do need to make modifications to your child custody arrangement, whether for summer vacation or for other reasons, it is crucial to speak with a family law attorney. He or she will be able to help you obtain the modifications you need and ensure the plan you and your ex decide on is actually enforced.

Katy Child Custody & Support Attorney

Your children are your top priority and the most important beings in your life, which is why child custody issues and parenting are usually at the center of many disputes between parents. You and your ex both care for them and want what is best for them, but will inevitably have disagreements on what that might be. At The Springer Law Firm, PLLC, our Katy child support and child custody lawyers are here to help you navigate through each matter with the compassion, skill, and personalized care your case deserves. Our Katy legal team is committed to finding real solutions that make sense for both parents, financially and emotionally.

We understand emotions are running high in these cases and you might be overwhelmed with stress and frustration. You do not and should not endure this alone. Custody and support matters can be incredibly complex, and having the assistance of a skilled attorney who will work with you to find a balanced solution is crucial to achieving a solution that is practical for both parties. We will do our best to preserve relationships and encourage harmony so your children are not traumatized by any fighting or arguing. You want what is best for them and so do we. Let us help you achieve that. With over 65 years of combined legal experience, you can rest assured your case will be in capable hands with us.

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