Father's rights group wants to see equal custody laws

As a father, you know that you deserve every chance to raise your child. You're there for him or her every day, even when you're not physically present. You don't want the courts to decide that your child should be with his or her mother just because she's female.

You're not the only one who believes this. Parents today are on an equal playing field. Women and men have the potential to be breadwinners, to spend time as stay-at-home parents and to participate in their children's lives.

A Texan father's rights group has claimed that the state needs to take steps for equal custody laws to help fathers. Right now, mothers and fathers are both fighting for equal parenting laws; the movement claims that fathers struggle to obtain equal visitation during divorces and separations due to the current state of the laws in the state.

The group states that it's there to advocate for the rights of fathers who want to be with their children. They want to see them regularly, but that's not always how the custody arrangements work out. The Texas Father's Rights Movement's social media presence indicates that the organization wants to see most situations result in 50/50 parenting, even thought that isn't always possible.

In 2017, there was one piece of legislation filed that would have allowed courts to decide if equal parenting was acceptable in the situation and to grant it. The bill, HB543, didn't make it through the process.

If you're worried about losing custody because you're a man, discuss that concern with your attorney. There are ways you can fight for custody and help protect your rights.

Source: KXAN, "Texas fathers’ rights group says state needs equal custody law," Steffi Lee, Dec. 06, 201

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