Texas Child Support in Purgatory

Tonya Brian had been waiting on at least $3,000 of child support to be distributed to her since January of this year. The Texas Attorney General's Office had her money, but would not give her a reason why they still hadn't written her a check. This problem has become too common in Texas, with over $55 million that was not give to families in the third quarter of this year. 

When KVUE spoke to the OAG, a representative explained that it could be for a number of reasons; there could be a dispute regarding custody or incorrect contact information holding up the disbursements. After KVUE called the OAG to ask about the Brian family's payment, the office realized a mistake had been made when data was entered into the computer. Two days later, the family had the money they needed for food and school supplies. Follow the link to learn how you can get the child support you're missing:

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