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Working with your spouse to ensure a healthy relationship

It should go without saying that the relationship between a divorced couple will never be the same as when the couple was married. In a vast majority of cases, if the ex-couple were able to work out their differences, they would not be divorced. For marriages without children, it is far easier, once a divorce is official, for both sides to move on with their lives. But if children are involved from the marriage, a relationship must still exist.

Keeping this relationship amicable is important in protecting the health and well-being of the child or children from the marriage. As we have stressed before, the courts primary objective is to make certain that the best interests of the children are always met when it comes to divorce decisions, including child custody.

It is in every party's best interest, both parents and the child or children, to make a conscious and serious effort to work with an ex-spouse to assure that visitation rights are met. Both sides should show some flexibility and understanding that sometimes life happens and not all scheduled times and events can be honored. By showing some flexibility today, you may be able to have the same returned to you at a later date.

We all know that emotions can run high and sometimes a spouse may act out of spite or another negative emotion to make things difficult. It is important to keep the children in mind before making such decisions. Whether you are a custodial parent looking to get your children to their other parent for a visitation right, or a non-custodial parent who is having difficulty getting your visitation rights granted, if you are experiencing problems with child custody, you may want to speak with a legal professional for advice on how to rectify the situation. This would be done for not only you, but your children as well.

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