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More and more often these days throughout the United States, including the Katy, Texas and Houston surrounding area, fathers are now able to maintain a more active role in their children's lives following a divorce. Much of this can be attributed to a new understanding of the role of the father in their lives, as well as previously assumed but perhaps misguided perceptions about the role of the mother and father in a family.

In the past, it was often assumed that the mother would stay home and care for the house and children while the father worked to earn money to support the family. But, as we all know, these gender roles have changed quite a bit over the last few decades and more and more women are staying in the workforce to advance their careers while the father stays home to care for the children.

The courts recognize these new changes, and are now more inclined to consider child custody for a family involved in a divorce. Like in the past, several factors that are taken into consideration include the relationship of each parent with their children, the children's opinion regarding their relationship with each parent, the best interests of the child, the financial situation of each parent, as well as each parent's ability to support their child or children.

If you are a father on the eve of a divorce, it might be in your best interests to speak with a law firm familiar with family law and fathers' rights to learn how to best proceed in the courts to obtain child custody. Having a strong team at your side can play a crucial role in obtaining your wishes with regards to child custody or any other aspect of divorce.

Source: the spruce, "Factors Used to Determine Child Custody for Fathers," Debrina Washington, September 28, 2016

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