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Following the death of a loved one, the last thing a grieving family should have to deal with is the courts when it comes to the deceased's estate. Unfortunately, families throughout the United States, including many from Katy, Texas and the greater Houston area, often have to deal with such issues if the person's estate planning was not properly addressed before their death.

Working with your spouse to ensure a healthy relationship

It should go without saying that the relationship between a divorced couple will never be the same as when the couple was married. In a vast majority of cases, if the ex-couple were able to work out their differences, they would not be divorced. For marriages without children, it is far easier, once a divorce is official, for both sides to move on with their lives. But if children are involved from the marriage, a relationship must still exist.

Adoption for same sex couples could come with hurdles

The decision and willingness to add a new member to one's family is of course both admirable and heart-warming. There are many different methods of adoption, but with same-sex couples, this could be especially complicated. Although gay marriage was legalized throughout the United States in 2015, the process for same-sex couples to adopt still often comes with some additional challenges in many states, and may even be illegal in other states, including Florida.

The courts understand your rights as a father

More and more often these days throughout the United States, including the Katy, Texas and Houston surrounding area, fathers are now able to maintain a more active role in their children's lives following a divorce. Much of this can be attributed to a new understanding of the role of the father in their lives, as well as previously assumed but perhaps misguided perceptions about the role of the mother and father in a family.

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