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Establishing paternity first step in seeking fathers' rights

It's proven that a child benefits from the love and support of both parents. While every family's situation is different today, there is no reason that unwed parents can't rear a child in a healthy, happy way. If a father wants to establish fathers' rights with his child, there are a few steps to take in the process, especially if he isn't listed as the father on the birth certificate. However, even in these situations, there is a way to be granted fathers' rights.

What happens if someone dies without a will?

Though the importance of estate planning has been spelled out many times not only on this very blog space but through the media as well, with legal disputes arising over property in the case of celebrity deaths, many Texas residents still do not focus on the distribution of their assets after they pass away. Without a will in place, state laws, known as intestate laws, apply, and assets are given to surviving relatives according to a specified order.

Child Custody Tips for Summer Vacation

A summer vacation should be all about fun, bonding time, and rest and relaxation instead of fighting over child custody with your ex and digging into old wounds that still need time to fully heal. Maybe you want to take them abroad to Europe, but he or she probably only gets to see them during the summer season. Do not attempt to sort out the details of your arrangement after you have already made plans. Start planning ahead and make sure you address all of your concerns before buying any tickets and making vacation plans. To help you navigate through this delicate situation, here are some tips to bear in mind:

How do you know if divorce is right for you?

For most couples, there is no one sign that a marriage is headed for a divorce. The arguments might start happening more frequently. The couple might find that they no longer love one another. Any time that they spend together, it seems that things always end with someone getting upset.

How do you enforce a child custody order?

When a Texas resident has gone through the hassle of finalizing their divorce, including settling issues such as child custody, child support, and visitation, there can be nothing as frustrating as a former spouse refusing to honor the terms of the agreement. This can leave the other parent feeling frustrated and anxious, unsure of what will happen next, and lend instability to the children's lives. However, it may be possible to enforce a child custody order through contempt of court proceedings.

Tips on Communicating with Your Spouse During Divorce

No one ever enters a marriage with divorce in mind for their future, but this is the unfortunate outcome for many. If poor communication was to blame for your marriage's dissolution, you can expect that it might suffer eve more during the divorce process. Both you and your spouse are likely experiencing a lot of emotions, heartbreak, disappointment, and anger, which might all obstruct your abilities to effectively communicate about the important issues in your divorce. This can lead to yelling, name-calling, or even withholding pertinent information, which are all unhelpful and might only prolong and complicate the divorce process.

What are the elements of a valid will?

Texas residents want the best for their children and family members. This is why many of them engage in estate planning. After all, it helps them ensure their wishes are being fulfilled while taking care of their heirs. One of the most common steps, and the one many people take first, is creating a will. However, it is not as easy as just sitting down and deciding how assets, income, and property will be divided, as every state has specific last will and testament laws and if they are not met, it could result in an invalid will.

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