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February 2017 Archives

Texas bill would remove insupportability as ground for divorce

The rise of no-fault divorce has made it possible for many people in Texas and across the nation to obtain a divorce when, for any reason, they feel that they can no longer maintain their marriage. However, one Texas state representative has introduced a bill that may change this.

3 ways divorce can impact single women

As you work toward finalizing your divorce, you must think about how each decision you make impacts your new single life. Your divorce has two goals - end your marriage and put you in the best position financially. To do this, you should make sure you know about every asset that needs to go through the property division process. You also have to be sure that your credit doesn't take too much of a hit.

Help is available to those facing the probate process

When a person in Texas loses a loved one, their loved one's estate may be subject to probate. During the probate process, the court determines the validity of the will, if there is one, and administer the distribution of property and debt. If the deceased does not have an estate plan, then the court will use state guidelines to determine who will inherit the deceased's property.

Valentine's Day Weddings More Likely to End in Divorce

February is a highly anticipated month among couples because of Valentine's Day - a time to celebrate love and romance between two people. Although Valentine's Day may seem like the perfect time to get married, the statistics don't indicate a happily ever after ending. According to a study by researchers at the University of Melbourne, Dutch marriages are more likely to end in divorce if they chose to wed on Valentine's Day.

Modifying a child custody and visitation order

When parents divorce, they typically negotiate a parenting plan and Texas courts issue a child custody order. In many cases, this is not an easy process, and parents are reluctant to renegotiate it. However, life throws changes at you, whether you want them or not. When changes make an old child custody order unworkable, parents can request a modification.

Ways a Prenuptial Agreement Can be Voided

Signing a prenuptial agreement before getting married is not the most romantic thing in the world. But for many couples, having a prenuptial agreement is almost a necessity because it can protect your financial interests in the event of a divorce. It is becoming more common these days for couples to have some type of marital agreement in place, whether it is a prenup or a postnuptial agreement. However, when creating a prenup or postnup, people sometimes do make mistakes that can invalidate the entire contract.

Do grandparents have visitation rights with their grandchild?

A messy divorce in Texas can affect not just the spouses, but also their children and sometimes their children's grandparents. For example, in an effort to get back at their ex, a parent may refuse to allow their ex's parents (the child's grandparents) visit the child. This can cause a lot of pain for all involved. When this happens, what are the grandparents' rights?

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