Collecting Retroactive Child Support in Texas

Unless parents agree to a child support payment schedule on their own terms, a court will intervene and create one for them, but not in all cases. Sometimes the court will have not enough information to come to a decision, or it will conclude that no child support is necessary. Does this mean that if you weren't collecting child support for a duration following your divorce, you can never get money for those months?

In Texas, there is a way to possibly go back and receive child support for months where none was paid. This is known as retroactive child support and is as uncommon as it is useful.

Proving Child Support Should Have Been Paid

There are numerous reasons why child support might not have been paid during a certain length of time. No matter the reasons, a divorce can come to the court and ask for retroactive child support, usually for a maximum duration of 48 months.

Much like an original child support hearing, the parent seeking financial aid will need to show that it is necessary and that the other spouse can reasonably pay it. Retroactive child support orders can get fairly complex since past and future circumstances will need to be weighed unless the petitioner only wants retroactive support and nothing for the future.

The court will also consider:

  • If the petitioner has attempted to collect child support in the past.
  • If the obligor should have known the petitioner needed aid.
  • If retroactive support will create hardship for the obligor.
  • If hardship ever existed for the petitioner.
  • If the obligor has given unofficial support to the petitioner.
  • If the child is too old to warrant child support (22 or older).

Is There a Statute of Limitations on Back Child Support in Texas?

In Texas, the non-custodial parent is responsible for child support until the child's 18th birthday. Failure to pay current or back child support can result in liens.

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