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May 2016 Archives

Pets: Property Division in Divorces

Many of us are aware of how difficult property division is during a contested divorce. Such property includes houses, children, and other valuables that may have been acquired during a marriage. However, as the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers announced last February, 27% of respondents in a recent survey cited pets (mainly dogs) as one of the most disputed areas of property during a divorce. Though many couples consider their pets as family members, all states currently view pets as property. As such, there are no specific laws on issues such as custody and visitation rights. This is because such rights would make divorce cases much harder to resolve and would put a larger burden upon judges.

Divorce as Family Reorganization

At the Springer Law Firm, we consider a divorce to be the reorganization of a family. When parents don't get along anymore and a divorce is necessary, the parties don't stop being parents, and it is important to realize that when approaching separation and divorce. The children love both parents and the parents love the children: they just can't all live together any more.

International Divorce and Child Custody Issues: Jurisdiction and Venue

One of the beautiful things about Houston and Katy, Texas is our diversity of population. With the international employers in our area, our population that continues to diversify, bringing in and sending out expats to and from all corners of the globe. Relocation can be difficult and in some cases leads to the unique and somewhat confusing situations of international divorce and child custody issues. There a many pieces to these complex issues that must be addressed in order. Where do we file for divorce? What country's laws apply? Where do I get help?

Man Tries to Run from Child Support Payments

The online news source,, reports that a man who owed thousands of dollars in child support was tracked down recently. The 32 year-old, named Demetrius Robinson, was caught by Detectives Joseph Cammisa, Brian Weitzman and Sgt. Ralph Garcia in the afternoon on May 12.

Adjustments to Birth Certificates for Same-Sex Parents

In North Carolina, changes are being made to accommodate same-sex families welcoming newborns. The Asheville Citizen -Times reports that there was a need to update the language on birth certificates identifying the parents of children. Previously, the North Carolina Vital Records would issue paperwork indicating that there was one mother, and one father. The Department of Health and Human Services says that now there will be an option for Parent/Parent.

Army Major and Wife's Discipline Goes Overboard

A New Jersey husband and wife have been arrested after being accused of physically and mentally abusing their children. New reported that the parents of the 16-year-old son who revealed the disturbing news to jurors is Army Major John Jackson and wife, Carolyn. Some of the disciplining included using raw onions and hot sauce. 

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