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March 2016 Archives

International Divorce and Child Custody Issues: Jurisdiction and Venue

One of the beautiful things about Houston and Katy, Texas is our diversity of population. With the international employers in our area, our population that continues to diversify, bringing in and sending out expats to and from all corners of the globe. Relocation can be difficult and in some cases leads to the unique and somewhat confusing situations of international divorce and child custody issues. There a many pieces to these complex issues that must be addressed in order. Where do we file for divorce? What country's laws apply? Where do I get help?

NY Strives to Improve Child Abuse Reporting in Private Schools

Mary Pulido wants New York lawmakers to broaden the scope of a law that requires public schools to report abuse to include private and religious schools. Pulido is the director for the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and has been persuading lawmakers to get on board. Pulido sites that private schools are not excluded from likelihood of abuse by school workers, and a letter sent to senators points out, "It seems inconceivable that these schools remain free to handle abuse allegations in any manner they choose." 

CT Daycare Director Failed to Report Child Abuse

The director of a daycare in Glastonbury, CT was arrested following the arrest of an employee under her supervision. The employee was accused of hitting children while the director, Meegan Beach, was in charge. Employees at the Stork Club daycare told Beach about the abuse, but she did not report it to the police. The 22-year-old employee who is responsible for the abuse is now under a 3-month investigation. It is required by law to report abuse to authorities, and Beach will be held on a $45,000 until further notice. 

Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Austin Catholic Diocese

A man has filed a lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Austin, stating that the church and bishops knew he was being abused by a priest in an Austin, TX church. Starting in the 1970's, the plaintiff, who is choosing to go by 'John Doe', said that the now deceased Rev. Milton Eggerling sexually abused him over the course of five years. Doe claims that several people who worked at the St. Louis Church and School knew or should have known that Eggerling was not fit to be around children. He stated that one of the fathers was aware that the boy was sleeping in Eggerling's room, which only had one bed. He also took Doe on many trips alone and served him alcohol on several occasions, some during episodes of sexual abuse. Doe will be suing for over $1 million and additional damages. He hopes that by coming forward with his case and making it public, it will encourage others who were abused to tell their story as well. 

Controversial Alimony and Child-Custody Proposals in Florida

The Palm Beach Post reported on Tuesday that there may be many changes on their way regarding alimony and child custody in Florida. Governor Rick Scott received legislation last week that would essentially end alimony. Judges would then have to use a formula they would use to calculate the length and amount of said alimony payments. Another controversial effect of this law would grant equal custody in child custody cases with the idea that children should spend the same amount of time with both parents. The Florida National Organization for Women and the state's League of Women Voters is protesting the proposed legislation. 

Florida Mom Leaves Child in Burning Building

A mother in Miami, Florida was recently charged after leaving her daughter behind in a house fire. Erica Rosello was charged with child neglect in court after telling the judge that she tried putting an oil fire out with water and fled the building. Rosello told witnesses there was no fire, but the firefighters who arrived at the scene discovered her daughter still inside. Rosello had been battling postpartum depression, but was no longer taking medication. According to acquaintances, she stopped taking them in order to try a more natural approach. The girl was taken to a hospital and treated for smoke inhalation, but she is expected to make a full recovery. Rosello is under house arrest after posting $7,500 bond. - See more at: 

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