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November 2015 Archives

Supreme Court in OK Supports Same-Sex Custody

A case in Oklahoma involving a female, same-sex couple has been resolved after considering the U.S. Supreme Court decision this June. The two women had a child before the Supreme Court decision and later separated. Earlier, a court ruled that only the birth mother of the child would have custodial rights. Recently, the Oklahoma Supreme Court overturned this ruling, stating that both parents have custodial rights even though they were together before the landmark decision.

Mother Jailed for Failure to Pay Child Support

A Chicago Judge has ruled in the father's favor to jail the mother of their three children for failure to pay child support. It is unusual for the mother to be jailed in situations of overdue child support, due to the bias in the system. The father has reportedly been working hard at his factory job to support his children, and the extra money will be a relief to him. The mother's payment amount was significantly reduced, but she was not fulfilling the requirement even after the reduction. Attorney Jefferey Leving, who represented the father, is known for defending fathers' rights.

Austin Celebrates 14th Annual Adoption Day

At the end of October in Austin, 45 children were adopted to families throughout the state. This was the 14th anniversary of the adoption event, and the number of children being adopted has gone up 62 percent in the past 10 years. However, there are still many children who remain in the state's care. As of now, there are approximately 6,800 children in foster care, and the numbers continue to rise every year. In Travis County alone, there are 184 children waiting for their forever home.

South Carolina Starting a Program to Track Child Support

The South Carolina Department of Social Services recently told the state's Senate panel that they hope to implement a new system to better track parents who are behind on their child support payments. The state has to pay between $11 and $15 million to the government each year for the failure to collect payments. Employees from Xerox Corp. are in South Carolina to start working on the program since they were approved to begin the project in August. The state will be using a program similar to what Delaware already has in place. The system will cost about $130 million and should be ready by October 2019.

Missing Seattle Baby Turned in to Police

Parents Patrick Curran and Inger Surowiecki did not hand their two-month old over to protective custody in late October. The parents were ordered to appear in court for an emergency hearing where they would turn their baby over to the Department of Social and Health Services. The next afternoon, the parents of the child came back with their baby and turned the girl over to authorities. The mother was wanted on felony and misdemeanor warrants. Curran and Surowiecki were not arrested at the time, but they are being investigated.

Children Home Alone in House Fire

Police arrested a 30-year-old woman in Denver in order to investigate felony child abuse. In late September this year, Rocio Arroyo-Reyes left her children at home alone which later caught on fire. The two children were taken to the hospital in critical condition. Arroyo-Reyes told police that she was only gone for five minutes when she got a text message informing her of the fire. Authorities are still looking into the cause of the fire.

Mormon Church Leaders Agree with Same-Sex Marriage Law

Though some members of the Mormon Church may disagree with the U.S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, their leaders are showing their support of the law more. One of the high-ranking apostles in the church, Dallin Oaks, says that it would not be right to apply one's personal convictions to a situation like this one. He and other leaders are encouraging their members to do the same. Oaks thinks that Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky, should not have brought her personal, religious beliefs to her job. He uses Davis as an example of how not to behave, and is continuing to stress the duty of following the law to others.

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