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August 2015 Archives

Former NFL Cheerleader Convicted of Rape

A woman who was once a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens, has plead guilty to fourth-degree rape. Molly Shattuck, 48, admitted to having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy last year and performing oral sex on him last summer. The minor was a friend of Shattuck's sons, and the pair used text messages and email to communicate and arrange some meetings in cars.

Father Interferes with Child Custody in Texas

The father of a ten-year-old boy was taken into custody recently after arranging for his son to be taken to Conroe, Texas. The 63-year-old father, William Alva Marshall Jr., violated a court order by hiring a friend to drive his biological son to Conroe where other family members lived. The boy's mother reported her son missing, which initiated alerts through the media. Shortly thereafter, the boy was found and sent back to his home, unharmed. Marshall was arrested and could face up to two years in prison if convicted of interference with child custody.

Death of Foster Child Raises Red Flag in Massachusetts

A two-year-old child died in Auburn, Massachusetts last weekend at a foster home that was state-licensed, and another child was found unresponsive. This incident is just one of many that has taken place in the Massachusetts foster care system recently. Governor Charlie Baker says that reform to the system is necessary and there is now a full investigation into this matter. The two-year-old's godmother said that she was concerned about the girl when she visited the home and saw that she was filthy and her toys were filthy also. Authorities reported that tests on the air quality inside the home have been conducted, but they are still unsure what the cause of death is. The other child remains in critical condition.

Texas Woman in Hiding Amidst Custody Battle

A Texas woman has taken her two children with her after she lost an appeal to move her custody hearing. Natalie Baker wanted to have the hearing moved from Dubai to Bexar County, Texas, but was denied last Tuesday. Baker's divorce attorney spoke to news sources saying, "She's in hiding right now to keep her children from being forcibly removed from this country and taken to the United Arab Emirates."

White House Employee Charged with Assault

A White House intern, Barvetta Singletary, started her job showing much promise, but now faces serious charges of felony assault and reckless endangerment. This 37-year-old employee started her career at Capital Hill, then moved to the White House last year and was a special adviser to the President. Last week she started arguing with a Capital Hill police officer about a woman he was dating. Once she found his service revolver in his car, it escalated quickly. Singletary demanded to see his phones and wanted to know his passwords to see evidence of his other girlfriend. When the officer refused to tell her the passwords to his two phones, she fired a shot near him. He called for help, and Singletary was taken to jail on $75,000 bail. She will also be on leave without pay and is not allowed to be on the White House grounds.

Houston Man Accused of Killing Eight People

Authorities are trying to understand what led to the murder of six children and two adults earlier in July. David R. Conley is being held without bail after police officers discovered him at the scene last Saturday night. The officers were in the neighborhood performing a routine welfare check, but realized Conley was inside and wanted for aggravated assault. Once a child's body was seen through the window, police entered and Conley began firing his weapon. A unit similar to a SWAT team was called as well as hostage negotiators which led to the successful arrest over an hour later.

Attorneys Representing Same-Sex Couple Ask State for Fees

Although the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage recently, there is still some unfinished business between the state of Michigan and the attorneys who worked on the case. The six attorneys who represented April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse in the famous Supreme Court decision are asking that the state of Michigan now reimburse them for their legal fees, to the tune of almost $2 million. The lawyers were charging $350 per billable hour, which added up quickly over the course of four years.

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