Serving As Your Guide Through The Probate Process

Families that have recently lost a loved one often will have questions about the probate process in Texas. Under state law, everything that the individual owned at the time of death will belong to that person's estate. In most circumstances, the probate court will then be responsible for distributing those assets to the appropriate parties.

Most people have many questions about what happens during probate, and we are here to help. The Springer Law Firm, in Katy, has helped several families throughout all phases of probate. Our attorneys, with more than seven decades of combined legal experience, are here to provide you with detailed information about the specific laws that may apply to your case.

Understanding Probate In Texas

One of the first things that the courts will do after a person passes away is determine whether or not that individual had an estate plan. If he or she did, the will or trust will be reviewed to make sure it is valid and current. If so, the property will then be distributed according to those wishes.

If an estate plan has not been put in place, the courts will distribute the property according to Texas law. This means that certain family members will get priority, regardless of whether or not they were close with the person who passed away. Friends and close associates may be left out entirely in some cases.

Probate can be extremely confusing, and unfortunately, it is also time-consuming. Any mistakes that are made during the process could lead to even longer delays, and potential lawsuits by unhappy beneficiaries. You need an experienced law firm ready to help you to ensure that everything is done according to your loved one's final wishes.

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