Experienced Divorce Mediator Helping You Reach Amicable Solutions

The key to a successful mediation is finding the right person to facilitate discussion. You need a mediator who has the experience to identify the major problems, and propose solutions that allows each person to walk away from the process happy.

Attorney Sarah Springer, of The Springer Law Firm, has mediated several divorces for clients throughout the region. Prior to opening her firm in Katy, Texas, Sarah served as a judge in Mississippi. This time on the bench has provided her with valuable experience in helping resolve complex divorces.

In addition to mediation, we can help you resolve divorce disputes by a collaborative law approach as well as traditional litigation.

Why Choose Sarah As Your Mediator?

In addition to her prior service as a judge, Sarah is also a highly accomplished family law attorney. In her private practice, she has seen firsthand the issues that can bog down a divorce. She knows the steps that one needs to take to keep the process moving. She understands how important it is for both sides to be able to express their concerns, but still makes sure that everyone remains focused on the tasks at hand.

Sarah has received many awards and honors from her fellow lawyers in the area. For three years, she was president of the Katy Bar Association, and she has also served as president of the Fort Bend Bar Association.

The ultimate goal of any mediation that Sarah handles is to come to a compromise on the issues of contention. She wants to help empower the parties to make the right choices for their future, efficiently, so that each side is able to move past the divorce in a positive place.

Learn More About Our Mediation Services

Our office is well-equipped for all of your mediation needs. We have a welcoming environment that makes clients feel at home. To discuss your mediation needs with Sarah, call our Katy office at 281-616-7540 or send us an email.