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How will Jeff Bezos' divorce impact Amazon?

Most people believe they have little in common with Jeff Bezos and his estranged wife MacKenzie, who recently announced that they're divorcing. The couple is reportedly worth $140 billion. Jeff Bezos is considered the wealthiest man in the world. After the divorce is final, MacKenzie could well be the wealthiest woman on the planet.

3 questions about spousal support

If you're currently receiving or likely to receive spousal support -- or alimony -- in Texas, you probably have a few questions about this vital financial supplement. First and foremost, alimony recipients want to know how much money they will receive, as they will be trying to determine their future budget as a single person. They may also have additional questions about alimony:

How irrational jealousy can bring a marriage to a close

Irrational jealousy, which psychologists sometimes refer to as "morbid jealousy" when it's severe enough, can cause serious problems in marriages. Perhaps the worst part of severe jealousy is the fact that it can create a self-fulfilling prophecy by pushing the partner away and causing the fear of loss of love and loss of respect to actually solidify into reality.

Advice for tracking child support and other divorce payments

It's not uncommon for one spouse to pay the other spouse support money on a monthly basis after a divorce has concluded. This could be child support money or spousal support money. Because disagreements can ensue whenever money and payments are involved, divorcing spouses need to make sure that they track their payments appropriately so that if a disagreement or lack of trust arises, the parents can resolve the matter quickly with the relevant copies of checks, signed payment receipts or accounting ledgers.

2 good reasons to end your marriage now

No one ever said that marriage would be easy, and if you have an honest talk to most spouses who have endured for years, they'll tell you just how many challenges they've had to overcome. However, there are some challenges that spouses shouldn't feel obligated to "solve" or "work through." The following two reasons are sufficient enough to simply end your marriage now:

Remember to do the following during your divorce process

There are many things that divorcing spouses should do and keep track of during their divorce processes. This is why Texas residents often hire divorce attorneys to assist them in navigating their legal proceedings. However, in addition to working with a legal professional, Texas spouses who are going through a divorce may also want to do the following:

Will I need to pay my spouse alimony?

The need to pay alimony is something that most Texas spouses will attempt to avoid. However, some spouses may enjoy financial abundance from their employment income, while their soon-to-be exes possess only a limited earning capacity. In these situations, courts will often order the so-called "moneyed" spouse to pay temporary monthly distributions to the "less-moneyed" in the months, and possibly years, following the dissolution of the marriage.

Don't let your spouse lie during asset division proceedings

You could have sworn you had a checking account with $20,000, a savings account with $75,000 and an investment account with about $300,000. However, during the process of dividing your marital assets, your spouse – who has always managed the money in your relationship -- is reporting different figures. By your spouse's figures, your marital estate is worth approximately $200,000 less than it should be.

Divorce: Questions to ask

Before you get a divorce, it's a good idea to consider a few questions. Not asking yourself these questions could end up hurting you as well as leading you to making mistakes. By asking these questions, you can be sure you are moving in the right direction for your life.

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