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What can fathers do when mothers refuse to agree on paternity?

Not all mothers are willing to let the biological fathers of their children play a role in their children's lives. These mothers may have their reasons for separating the children from their biological fathers, and certain fathers may be OK with that. However, when it comes to fathers who want to be fathers – and want to play a role in the lives of their children – a family court judge may view the issue from a more father-friendly perspective if the father can prove that he's the dad.

International kidnapping may come to an end after jailing

A doctor in Texas has been part of a five-year custody battle in which his son ended up out of the country with his former in-laws. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested the former in-laws, according to a report from Feb. 12, and the now 8-year-old boy may soon be coming back to America.

Father's rights group wants to see equal custody laws

As a father, you know that you deserve every chance to raise your child. You're there for him or her every day, even when you're not physically present. You don't want the courts to decide that your child should be with his or her mother just because she's female.

Fathers: Establish paternity early to prevent adoption issues

Unmarried fathers sometimes worry about what will happen if they have a child out of wedlock that a woman then wants to give up. Can a father object to the adoption of his child? The short answer is yes, because it takes two to create a child.

Non-custodial fathers: know the factors that affect child support

Child support laws have been changing and reforming over recent years to look more and more at the rights of the non-custodial parent, which is often the father. In the past, fathers were assumed to make more money and thus be the ones to pay more child support to the mother. Now, these laws often look at the income of both parents and many other aspects of the non-custodial parent involved.

The courts understand your rights as a father

More and more often these days throughout the United States, including the Katy, Texas and Houston surrounding area, fathers are now able to maintain a more active role in their children's lives following a divorce. Much of this can be attributed to a new understanding of the role of the father in their lives, as well as previously assumed but perhaps misguided perceptions about the role of the mother and father in a family.

Establishing paternity first step in seeking fathers' rights

It's proven that a child benefits from the love and support of both parents. While every family's situation is different today, there is no reason that unwed parents can't rear a child in a healthy, happy way. If a father wants to establish fathers' rights with his child, there are a few steps to take in the process, especially if he isn't listed as the father on the birth certificate. However, even in these situations, there is a way to be granted fathers' rights.

Ways to establish paternity in Texas

Sometimes, the seemingly simplest matters regarding family law issues in Texas can be the most confusing. When a child is born, it is important that the paternity be established. Many parents - particularly fathers - are often unaware precisely how this is to be done. When the parents are married, the husband will be listed on the birth certificate as the father. If the parents are not married, however, there are two ways for paternity to be established.

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